Step back in time and let your mind soar back to the days when sailing ships were the engineering wonder of the world. Marvel at one of the finest private collections of museum quality historic model ships in the World. Each model has been built to exacting detail from original plans, using plank-on-frame construction techniques. Most models are built of from such exotic woods as ebony, rosewood, palisander and teak. Many models are adorned with intricate carvings wood and bone which have taken several months to create. Models range in size from 2-7 feet long and are displayed inside well-lighted glass cases and accompanied with the fascinating history of each ship.

The collection traces the history of sail around the world, from the earliest Egyptian ships to modern transatlantic steamers, including TITANIC and EMPRESS of IRELAND

Approximately half of our revolving collection of over 125 model ships is on display at any one time in a beautifully restored period home overlooking the Iroquois Seaway Lock/Dam. Ships of World Discovery; Napoleonic Warships; Ships of the Line during the 17th and 18th Centuries; Tea Clippers; Famous Canadian Ships; Great Lake Shipso celebrate the 200th anniversary of the War of 1812, a must see is our unique collection of American and British warships from that period, including: 

On display are viking longboats; medieval galley’s and royal yachts; ships of world discovery, including Cook’s ENDEAVOUR, Darwin’s BEAGLE; famous Tea Clippers, including the THERMOPYLAE, CUTTY SARK and SOVEREIGN OF THE SEAS; Spanish galleons including the most famous treasure-ship ATOCHA discovered by Mel Fisher off the Florida Keys;  Ships-of-the-line from the 14th to 19 century including VASA, SOLEIL ROYAL, VICTORY

We also have a collection of ships from the American revolution including LEXINGTON, RALEIGH, INDEPENDENCE AND MARIA

Also on display are many ships which have played a significant role in Canadian history, including: the John Cabot’s MATTHEW; The Hudson Bay Company’s NONSUCH; explorer La Salle’s GRIFFON, the recently discovered brig HMS ONTARIO, the RCMP Schooner LaROCH; and the Canadian Coast Guard ice-breaker SIMON FRASER.