Doran Bay Model Ship Museum


May, June, July, August 2012 

-Wonderful display - Bonnie & Vin Hudon 

- Amazing - Chris & Julia 

- Incredible display will be back- Darlene, Chris, Brent & Jeremy

- Top Notch, interesting -Alain & Eva Robert

-Amazing, we'll spread the word!-Jessica Jaden, Diane, Caron, Jane Orlicky

-Thank you! Great - Laura de Souza & Family

-Wow!! - Catherine & Gary Robbers

-What a perfect place? - Kathleen Leek

-All the best a dream came true - Marie Morell & Rudy Tabak

-Very Impressive - Brian & Carole Windle

-Ahoy - Tiffanie Tri

-Lovely place - Sharon MacKay

- Loved the personal tour , Awesome - Steve Mocean

- It was very enjoyable and interesting. Thank you great work in such beautiful ships. Wow - Dallas Tyrell 

- Amazing models and  a fascinating insight into Maritime History - Michael Brock descendant of Sir Issac Brock

- Very educational to read the history of these ship which was part of our history - Dale Chisholm

- Feels with have taken a trip back in time - Martha & Stan Hannah

- I have seen history brought to life in your beautiful display - Cathy Wilkox

- Absolutely marvelous - Allan Russell

- Are you nuts? Good on you for achieving an excellent display - Alberta Darby

- A fine passion for the art - Don Flaver

- It's was amazing I loved it great job - Jeremy Noonan

- A wonderful display of intricate work - C . Fingas